Jingle Bash Deco Preview Party

Rosemary from Rock Beats Paper and the Deco Squad have been hard at work dreaming up and creating lovelies for the Jingle Bash. 

At each Bash, no matter the venue, you walk into a wonderland of awesomeness. This year will be no different. 

Check out some pix (taken by Regina from Regal Cottage). Oh yes, that is Tefi with the coveted Bash Bags. I'm collecting goodies for the bags, and, let me tell you, I'm tempted to keep everything!!!!

Just some magic Etsy Dallas elves hard at work to make your 4th Annual Jingle Bash an amazing party!

Yours truly,

Ain't No Party Like a Crafty Deco Party!

It's pretty well known that the Etsy Dallas members like to party... we even make our craft shows into parties, you know? Each spring and fall right before the Spring Bash and Jingle Bash, we gather at Larry's house & home studio to put decorations together for the event. Larry lets us craft until the floor is covered in tissue scraps, yarn, and at least one person is literally wearing a glass of wine.

This year was no different. Our members got together with some of our guest artists and a few of the best volunteers on the face of the planet to make enough tissue pom poms to fill a house and get our free Make&Take craft table completely stocked for all your DIY desires. Fun was had by all and no one lost any fingers in the antique paper cutter. I'd call that a success!

We hope you'll come party with us at the Spring Bash and enjoy our handmade decorations. Stay tuned to hear more about the DIY crafts we've prepared for you to do at the Make & Take table!

We Like to Party!

As a close to 2010, we had a little member shindig over at Larry/the Kessler Craftsman's house in Dallas. We invited all our fellow Etsy Dallas members and their families to celebrate one more year of crafty fun with each other, and the end of 2010. Unfortunately, in the lives of busy artists and crafters, we can't really celebrate the holidays or the end of the year before the end of the year, so naturally this party was held in mid-January.

In celebration of the post-holidays, we had our very own Etsy Dallas style white elephant gift exchange. Each member brought one item from their Etsy shop to play with, and we had a great time politely stealing people's gifts in the game.

When you see Etsy Dallas, you know there's gonna be a photo booth somewhere. We took the photo booth in a totally DIY direction and made all our talented artists create the photo booth backdrop with their own self -portraits. This way it evolved and changed overnight as more pictures were added.

At the end of the evening we flooded Larry's studio with glue guns in hand to a table full of colorful craft supplies. Our mission was to make the most beautiful modern Texas-style mums as possible.
We then had a mum-off. what!?

We picked out 3 favorite mums and gave our winners super Etsy Dallas prizes. Our winners were Keith from Midnight Snack, Laura from Butter Design Lab and Jacky from Hi-Fi Jewelry.

Beautiful job everyone!

Cheers to what we did in 2010, and cheers again to what we can do in 2011.

More Craft Party Pics

The Etsy Craft Party, hosted by Etsy Dallas and Make, kicked off at 7pm Friday night and people were at Make Shop * Studio early ready to party!

Make and Etsy Dallas put together 2 awesome free crafts for our party-goers: no sew bunting and fabric flower brooches!

All the crafts everyone made turned out really cute. Dallas really has a lot of crafty talent!!

Paco, the handmade donkey piñata, hung out all night in our Etsy Dallas Photo Booth modeling with his new friends and their silly props.

See! Paco is so good at holding a pose. Shazam!

We had five free raffles of free handmade goodies and crafty supplies. At the top of the evening, we did our biggest raffle, a brand new Kenmore Sewing Machine!! Then Make Shop * Studio offered up a surprise raffle for $100 card for free classes. We are so happy for our six lucky winners who probably all muttered "I never win anything" right before they're numbers were called.

The evening ended like any 5th birthday, with the busting of a piñata. We were sad to see Paco go, but happy to find him stuffed with tasty candy and treats! Don't worry, we saved his head, and will properly mount him on a plaque. So you may see him again in our next photo booth!

Thanks to all who came and helped us put this party on. We had so much fun celebrating Etsy's 5th birthday.

Thanks to Etsy for making it 5 years and sending us tons of freebies that we got to raffle off!

Thanks to all you Dallas crafties who came to party with us! We heart you and we hope you can make it out to the next Etsy Dallas Event.

Thanks to Julie and the staff at Make Shop*Studio for co-hosting the party!

Huge mega-thanks to participating Etsy Dallas members and their loved ones for coming together to help pull this off: Cut Out and Collect, Midnight Snack, Three Yellow Starfish, Kessler Craftsman, The Pig and the Peacock, Maggie May I, tefi, Pamela Michelle, Dowdy Studio, Seen Studios, One Up Designs, The Miscellany, Karma Crochet, Haute Hardware, laura davis design lab, Alicia Colina-Ashby, and Eye on the Sparrow!

Party Favor Party + Moustaches-On-Sticks + A Piñata

It doesn't get better than moustaches-on-sticks, crafting good times, and a huge donkey piñata. Etsy Dallas members gathered at Larry's to make party favors and photo booth props for the upcoming Etsy Crafty Party this Friday at Make: free DIY crafts, free party punch, free photo booth, free piñata, free party favor bags, FREE FREE FREE! More info here.

Big thanks to all our volunteers this weekend: Maggie of Maggie May I (and daughter!), Kathleen of Seen Studios, Patricia of Karmacrochet, Larry of Kessler Craftsman, Cheyne of Cut Out and Collect, Dylan of Dowdy Studio, Carrie of One Up Designs, Erin of Haute Hardware, Laura of laura davis design lab, Christina of Midnight Snack, Pam of Pamela Michelle, and yours truly of tefi. Photos below and the full set HERE.

posted by Stephanie "tefi" Hindall

Etsy Dallas Member BBQ + Silent Auction

Last month we held a silent auction in conjunction with an Etsy Dallas Member BBQ to benefit the La Reunion Art Chicas Unidas program. Dallas Etsians donated and purchased handmade items from each other to raise money for this wonderful program. We finally got everything settled and checks collected and sent to La Reunion. I'm happy to announce that we raised and donated $200. A big thanks to everyone who participated.

A special thanks to members Carrie and James of OneUpDesigns who hosted the event.

Photo above: Erin/Haute Hardware & Mr. Haute Hardware peruse the silent auction goodies Photo below: Allison Gillies/Fine Artist, Jodi/Jodi von Rotten, Susan/Sadie's Things, Stephanie/Tefi, and Mia/Mia Maria enjoying the BBQ.

Etsy Dallas Meet Up Fun!

Etsy Dallas put together it's first ever Meet Up Friday night. We had a ton of fun chit chatting and socializing on the open patio at Lee Harvey's in Dallas. We dug into some great tasty burgers, sipped on a few drinks, and enjoyed the relaxing outdoor atmosphere of music and friends. It was definitely a great way to end the workweek and begin the 3-day weekend. Etsy Dallas wants to thank everyone who came out to play, and we hope to see yall at the next Meet Up.

We hope to do this again next month, so be on the look out for another invite. Keep in mind that these Meet Ups are open to anyone interested in hanging out with cool artsy folk. You don't have to be a member of Etsy Dallas to come play with us and join in on the fun. So I better see ya next time!!!!

Thanks for coming: The Kessler Craftsman and friends
Earth Essences
MiaMaria Designs and Chris
Memopause and Hubby

Tefi Designs and Jason
Grill'n Dylan and PamelaMichelle

Photo Party! Rave Reviews!

Esty Dallas has done it again! One photo party down and hopefully more to come.

"It was an awesome event. I have a lot of photos to sort through but I think I got some good ones. Special thanks to Mandi of Scribble Scrabble and Alicia of Alicia Colina-Ashby for loaning me various body parts to photograph with my jewelry and notebooks."
Kara of Memo-Pause

"Thanks Carrie and James for being awesome hosts! I look forward to doing something like this again with Etsy Dallas."
Pam of Pamela Michelle

"We had a great time! Thank you to everyone who came by to support the team and have a good time. It was nice to meet some newbies!"
Stephanie of Tefi Designs

"The "Photarty" (as Kara of Memo-Pause called it) was THE place to be Sunday. The event was great -- there was talking, snacking, giggling, and photographing. It was really fun to model each others handy work while we got to know each other. Hope this become a regular ritual for our group!"
Alicia of Alicia Colina-Ashby

"I've never seen anything like it. The food, music, art and fabulous hosts. Flying home has never been so tragic. I really miss Etsy Dallas."
New York Post

"We had a great time and it was inspiring to see everyone's amazing work. Looking forward to more events like this in the future!"
Carrie of Atom-in

posted by Brenda of B.liscious