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Football Crafts on D: The Broadcast

Football season is here! And who doesn't love a tailgate or game-day party? Today on D: The Broadcast, our Etsy Dallas craft segment was all about how to make decorations that scream spirit and will leave you with plenty of money left to spend on the important stuff (like amazing food and drink).

A simple yarn-wrapped wreath in your team colors is a great way to dress up your front door this fall. It can be as simple or as elaborate as you'd like--and the best part is, you can make one yourself in an evening for under ten dollars! All you need is a foam wreath form, a skein of yarn or two in your team's colors, and an evening in front of the TV.

Tie one end of the yarn, securing with a knot and/or a straight pin into the foam, and start wrapping. You'll get into a groove and soon discover whether you like a loose or chunky look.

football craft wreath
a simple wreath with a combo of handmade and store-bought embellishments

football craft
you can add and subtract embellishments easily when you use a styrofoam wreath--just use a straight pin

Felt is a great way to dress up your wreath because it doesn't ravel and is super easy to work with. There's no need to use a pattern; it's so forgiving! Just eyeball some triangles for a pennant, glue or sew onto a strand of leftover yarn, and you've got a cute banner to stretch across your wreath. I even used a felt-tip pen to write "FROGS"--no fancy embroidery necessary.

The pompons are super quick to make and so cute. Just take a strip of felt about 2" in width and fringe it, leaving about 1/4" at one side--don't cut all the way through! Then roll it up, adding a dot of glue as you go or using a needle and thread and stitching it shut. Apply to the wreath using a straight pin so you can move it as you desire.

felt crafts
roll felt fringe from one end to make a festive pom

At the Spring Bash, we used something similar to this ribbon and fabric garland for our photo booth backdrop. I made this one a little shorter using inexpensive cotton fabric (about a quarter yard of each print) and some leftover ribbons and things I had hanging around the craft room. Again, this project was under $10.

DIY fabric ribbon garland
here's Suzie checking it out on air.

dress up your front porch at your next game-day event. 
Don't sew this. Just don't. Trust me. Just snip your (unwashed!) fabric on the selvage edge and rip. Seriously. Just rip. Once you have a whole pile of fabric and ribbons cut to about the same length (again just eyeball this!), start assembling your garland.

Use a foundation piece of ribbon cut to the length of where you'd like to place it (on an actual tailgate, across your buffet table, on your front porch), plus an extra foot or so so you can tie it securely, and start tying your fabric and ribbons onto the foundation piece. Don't fuss over placement. Just grab pieces and tie. You can always go back and add more or less, depending on the look you're going for, and you can trim to a more uniform length up top and below if you're super picky. :)

Round out the party decorations with a quick and easy way to dress up a boring old beverage tub: a pretty hand towel hanging from one end give a quick pop of color and also gives your guests a way to dry off their drinks. (Nobody likes a bottle or can that drips all over the place.)

there are so many cute ribbons in your team's colors!

a simple straight-stitch appliqué and you're set

Since I went to school up north, I never have a chance to throw a tailgate, so I was delighted to borrow my friends' local team for this segment. They will have the cutest tailgate on Frog Alley.

We'd love to see what you make! Snap a photo and tag us on Instagram or Twitter @etsydallas!


Etsy Dallas Takes TV

Some exciting news for Etsy Dallas! This morning, Etsy Dallas will debut a (LIVE!) crafting segment on KTXD's The Broadcast. We are so excited to have an opportunity to bring some great crafting projects to the air--tutorials that will help you avoid the Pinterest Pitfall (oh yeah, we've allllllllll had one).

We are committed to bringing you tested tutorials that are proven to work with materials you have on hand--or can get easily. We'll also offer variations on each project--so whether you're a crafting novice or crafting pro, you can craft with confidence.

Regina and Jenni will open things with a Green Your Lunchbox segment featuring cute (and easy!) ways to help your family reduce waste: a no-sew fabric sandwich wrap (none of that yucky and questionable plastic hanging out on your food) and some ways to make a bento box the star of the lunch table.

etsy dallas crafts
Written tutorial forthcoming!

If you've already seen the segment, we're thrilled you came to visit the blog! If you haven't seen it, check it out.

Hope to see you back with a new Etsy Dallas member each week!

Hello, Summer!

A few finds to sweeten your summer. 

Mer-Jack Ladies Tee by Dowdy Studio
Sweet Citrus and Lavender Body Scrub by The Pig and the Peacock
Obsidian and Coral Chevron Necklace by estieMade
Travel Laundry Bag by Jenni20 Designs
Red Bicycle Notebook by MadebyRori
Blue Yonder Photographic Print by YLK Photography

Sponsor Spotlight: Jenni20 Designs

We are super excited to have Jenni20 Designs as one of the sponsors of the 5th Etsy Dallas Spring Bash. Jenni’s shop includes beautifully made accessories to help you travel fabulous.

Her weekender bags are gorgeous and her eReader sleeves are so much fun. Jenni is committed to creating pieces that encourage people to reduce and reuse. And, let’s face it, you’re going to want to find any excuse to travel when your passport is wrapped up in so much pretty. 

Be sure to stop by Jenni’s booth at the Bash to find that perfect something for your favorite weekend warrior. And get yourself something fancy too.   

Daily Discoveries: blue and orange

Some of the areas coolest artists will be at the 5th annual Etsy Dallas Spring Bash on April 27. Looking to spruce up your life with a fun new color combination? May I suggest a refreshing dash of Etsy classic: blue and orange. Click the photo to browse further...

Gift Guide: Cool Mom Must Haves

Mother's Day is just around the corner, and you can find some of the best gifts for cool moms at the 5th Annual Spring Bash.

Guest artist, Anna Tovar, paints amazing custom watercolor portraits. A mom who is always behind the camera and never in front would love a portrait of herself or maybe even the whole family!

Every mom appreciates nice jewelry, and this Gold Feather Necklace from f. is for Frank is a versatile piece that would dress up any outfit.

Stylish moms will love this Market Tote by Butter Design Lab. Made from reclaimed leather and Kantha quilts, it is both eco-friendly and gorgeous. It's large enough to carry all the essentials and still have room for the kiddos' tagalongs. 

Busy moms on the go can get their work done in style with an iPad Cozy from Jenni20 Designs. 

A Nature Textured Mug by Christie Cone Ceramics is a functional piece of art for the tea or coffee loving mom.

And, how about a Lace Embossed Pocket Planter from Both Hands Studio? Succulents are all the rage, and they are so stunning in these terra cotta planters. These can even be hung on the wall. 

So whether you are shopping for your own Mother, a new Mom, or a Mom-to-Be, the Spring Bash on April 27th is the place to find gifts that she is sure to love!

Weekend Guide: December 15 + 16

Making the Holidays

Date: Saturday, Dec. 15th
Time: 2-3pm
Location: Bookmarks Library inside NorthPark Center, Dallas
More Info: Bookmarks blog

 Dowdy Studio & Napkin Art Studio Party 

Date: Saturday, Dec 15th
Time: 4-9pm
Location: 10025 Garland Rd, Dallas
More Info: Dowdy Studio blog
Participating Etsy Dallas Members: Dowdy Studio, Napkin Art Studio sure to enter our giveaway, the Jammie Bash!

Where it's Made - Jenni20 Designs

Jenni of Jenni20 Designs' Creative Space in her Cottage

Here's Jenni in front of her acid green bookshelf she salvaged and painted and dedicates to all her jenni20 designs fabric. (Her own stash lives in a dark closet, but she lets her j20 fabric decorate her studio...colorful fun and so easy to be inspired by.)

Where is your creative studio space?

My studio space is in my little cottage...I make all kinds of messes in that room...and also my jenni20 travel accessories. 

What do you make in your creative studio space?
I paint, sew, quilt, embroider, write, daydream, and read in this space. (My childhood daybed is installed in this room and I spend a lot of time, cross legged on that, staring at fabrics and deciding what to put together next.)

What is your favorite item in your space?
My favorite item in my space is this little poodle pincushion I thrifted...or bought on Etsy....I honestly can't remember. He sits on my pretty vintage desk and doesn't actually get used because I'm kind of klutzy and I don't want to break him when I'm spazzing about by my sewing machine. I'll take a glamour shot of him. You'll see. He's precious.

Favorite Halloween candy?
My favorite Halloween candy is.....Mounds. Oh my, mini coconut dark chocolate pieces of loveliness. Mmmmm. (They're not allowed in the studio.)